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Report Day 1

Coursing 2011

Coursing in Doon commenced at 11.30 sharp. From the moment the first hare made its way up the stretch the signs were good and so they proved.
The strong hares were a credit to the club and they made for some excellent coursing. Nearly all dogs got turns as the hares twisted and turned before safely making their way home. The field was in splendid condition, weather was perfect and the crowd was well up on past years. Everybody that attended all agreed that it was one of the finest run days coursing that they had seen all year. Below are the stakes and results from today.

Oaks Trial Stake

Prices before 2 nd Round

5/2 Giddyupnow baby & Blazing Dilemma

3/1 Lady Officer, Aristo Catinahat, Ask for Annie, Spinnelle, Marfield Hazel

4/1 Belated Lacey, cherrygrove pink, fortfield lady

5/1 Clune Road, Turnpike tara

6/1 leigh Swallow, Elusive Lady, Oilean Smile

8/1 Any Time

¼ Final

Belated Lacey      v  Any Time
Lady Officer,      v  Blazing Dilemma
Oilean Smile      v  Marfield Hazel
Elusive Lady      v  Turnpike Tara

Corn Dún Bleisce All Age Dog stake

1 st round survivors
Captain Dru   v  Helens Jet
Moonveen Affair  v  Castlemartyr Lad
Soapy Eyes   v   Cooga Blueboy
Millbridge Eoin   v  Brannig Riobamba

In the very first course, the reserve Ballyduhig Pride led Captain dru from slips. However after 100 yards, Captain Dru was soon upsides and soon went on to extend his advantage to 1 ½ lengths at the turn.
Helens Jet led from slips against Formicor Wally but as they neared the hare Formicor Wally began to cut the deficit. However, Helens Jet just held on for the flag.
Beckrow Amo and Moonveen Affair were level for much of their buckle. However in the last 50 yards, Moonveen began to show his superiority and went of to record a 2 length success.
Castlemartyr lad led from slips against Knockbrack Eoin. However after the wire it looked as he lost sight of his game as Knockbrack closed. However after respotting his quarry he kicked away for an impressive 2 length success.
The shock of the first round saw Soapy eyes defeat favourite Coach Bart. As they left slips it was obvious that Soapy eyes had poached a length advantage and held it all the way for the turn.
Cooga Blueboy looked most impressive in his buckle against Apple Dreamer. As soon as they were dropped he opened up a length lead. After the wire he was 3 lengths clear and eventually turned the hare 4 lengths to the good. A couple of sharp wrenches followed  with the puss making his way to safety.
Millbridge Eoin also looked impressive against Wheelers wonder. He opened up a lead after the wire and held it all the way to the escape. The turned gave them 2 twists and safely made its way home.
The final course in the All age dog stake looked as if a shock was on the cards. Mario street broke smartly from slips and was just in front of Brannig Riobamba after the wire. However Brannig soon turned up the heat and powered away for a 1 ½ length  success.

Nom Ryan Memorial All Age Bitch Stake
1 ST Round Survivors
Portinard Nine   v  Martina
Wise Lady    v  Rock Music
Snowy Express   v  Deirin Rose
Clogher Road   v  Slick Snowy

The first course in the AAB stake saw Portinard Nine open up a big lead over Toome Ban.
Tobarballim Time and Martina were level for most of the journey until the last named bitch eventually stuck her head in front and turned the hare 2 lengths in front.
The pup and trial stake winner Wise Lady looked most impressive in her course. Powering away from slips, she soon opened up a 3 length lead over Norfolk Nancy and eventually turned the puss 4 lengths to the good.
Rock Music and Oilean Mystic were neck and neck for the first hundred and fifty yards. However as soon as they left the wire, Rock music began to show her superiority and got the flag 1 length to the good.
Clogher Road and Fortfield Stream were locked together for a lot of the course. After the wire, it appeared that the Fortfield bitch lost sight of her game and clogher took a length advantage. Fortfield then sighted and closed the gap to a just up decision.
In the final course, slick snowy rocketed away from slips to open a 3 length lead after 150 yards. She held this all the way for the only turn.

Reserve Derby Trial Stake
1 st Round Survivors and prices
Cry after Dawn  3/1   v  Killeagh Matt 2/1
Is Feidir Liom  6/4   v  Spruce Mario 2/1
Patterdale Toby    2/1   v  Cooga Vista  5/2
Ahern for Mike  2/1   v  Carrigmore Rock 4/1

The first course saw Mohawk Bounty bounding a length clear from slips and looking well in control. However with 100 yards to go, Cry after Dawn began to cut the deficit and soon went a length clear for the only turn before the hare made its  way to safety.
The second course saw killeagh matt getting the turn in front of jumbos Houdini.
Is Feidir Liom looked impressive when disposing of Glen View Cha. Both dogs getting a turn before the hare mad its way to safety
Spruce Mario opened up a lead against Brat Jack as soon as they were dropped. He maintained this all the way for the only turn
Patterdale Toby probably looked the most impressive of all the survivor when bombing away from slips and extending his lead to 6 lengths for the only turn
The locally owned and trained Cooga Vista also bombed away from slips and extended his lead to 7 lengths for the only turn against follow the wall.
Ahern for Mike got the nod against HI way Mosh when coming away smartly and wining by a few lengths while the final course of the stake saw the local owned and trained Carrigmore Rock get up to book his place in the second round.

Working Members Survivors
Philipstown Lad   v   Gers a Chance
Velvet Peppa   v   Fast Reaction
Velvet Renewal   v   Mizanna Lydia
Cooga Text   v   Millbank Sephora

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