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Report Day 1

Coursing 2012


(from I.C.C. website)
Bellview Rio
Fionntra Bear
Deirin Damon
Helens Jet
Toast Master
Skellig Sunrise
Portinard Eoin
Arise Sir Mark

The first course in the All age created a surprise when Bellview Rio got the flag against joint second favourite Cooga Alonso. Cooga Alonso looked to be in control from the off but checked mid course allowing Bellview to take full advantage. Fionntra Bear ran well winning by 2 1/2 lengths and should beat Bellview in the second round. Helens Jet (last years winner) also ran well setting up a quarter final clash against Derin Damon.
The bottom half of the card saw toast master progress to meet Skellig Sunrise. Skellig looks the one they all have to beat and is marginally up on the clock. Arise sir mark took a while to get going in the final course but came storming through in the finish to win by 3-4 lengths. Skellig looks set to meet Helens Jet in the final.

Deirin Rose
Eimears Duchess
Blazing Dilema
Clashnevin Lil
Careful Holly
Arise My Lady

The all age bitch stake looks open. Careful Holly ran well but subsequently got a nice few turns which may scupper her chanes come tomorrow evening, Clashnevin Lil ran well, winning by 3 lengths in a straight run course. Perfume trained by Seamus Bourke in Oola ran well in the bottom course but i fancy Mike Donovans Arise my Lady to advance to meet clashnevin in the semi final.  The top of the card looks between Alkala and last years Doon OTS winner Blazing Dilemma. Both enjoyed straight runs with Blazing Dilemma -trained by Jody Thompson fancied to advance. Clashnevin Lil looks my idea of the winner!!

Cooga Belle
Mall Madness
Gold Emma
Crafty Cisco
Sandyman Emma
Chubbys Fire
Flashy Delight
Homestead Diva

A very open OTS. The top of the card see Cooga Belle meeting Mall madness. Cooga belle looked fortunate to get the flag against Chynans Pipper in the second round as she appeared to lose sight after the wire when a lenght up. Chynas pipper shot past but Cooga drove in at the top to get the flag.  Mall Madness impressed me most in the top half. She showed terrific gears to open a big lead in the second round but then lost sight only to spot her game at the top to claim the flag. I fancy her to progress in this buckle and make the final. Pat Clancys Gold Emma did nothing wrong in both courses and should account for Crafty Cisco who had 2 'non' courses in the first round.
Chubbys fire had a easy second round win when her apponent lost sight and i fancy her to meet flashy delight in the bottom semi final. Flashy beat the fancied Jades Dilemma in the first round and again ran well in the second round. I fancy Flashy to progress to meet Mall Madness -Mall Madness to win!

Kilbacantybanner (A)
Fionntra Dolan
Snatch Victory
Hatchet Man
Buffalo Mountain
Morning Major (D)
Kick Me Ribs
Spruce Blake

Reserve Derby trial stake - last 8

2 res.a. kilbancantybanner
(out once before, beat in 1st round by reserve trial stake winner, beat fancied magical bruno in first round today, magical appeared to check half way but banner took full advantage, after some bumping won his second round comfortably) 5/1 before second  round.
5. fionntra dolan
(beat in 1st round in only outing before today, both off line in first rond today before fionntra spotted first, up against the 2/1 favourite in second round who went unsighted so fionntra had a solo up the field but seemed to show some pace) 6/1 before  coursing, 4/1 before second round. fionntra should prevail here.

11. snatch victory
(beat in 1st round in only outing prior to today, had a bumping session in first course today before pulling away and in second round opened up a long lead over his opponent, litter brother trial stake runner up last weekend) 5/1 before coursing, 6/1  before second round.

16. hatchet man
(has been out three times before without raising a flag, won first round today by 2L before having a solo in second round as his opponent went unsighted) 7/1 before coursing, 2/1 joint favourite before second round. despite big difference in price i dont  think theirs two much between these too but still a slight preference for hatchet man.

17. buffalo mountain
(out three times before today, hadnt got beyond second round prior to today, litter brother to oaks fancy minorcas flyer.ran well in both courses today and has good early, field suits him) 5/1 before coursing, 3/1  before second round.

22 res.d. morning major
(semi finalist only two weeks ago in cashel, won first course today easy before coming from 4L behind in second round to get up by 1L, field may be a bit short for him) 5/1 before second round, buffalo has good early and if he gets too far ahead of major  he may withhold majors late burst.

28. kick me ribs
(semi finalist in mitchelstown, litter brother trial stake finalist few weeks ago, beat skellig dog just up in first round this morning, was off line for part of second course today before showing good pace to get back up for the flag) 4/1 for both rounds

29. spruce blake
(only one outing prior to today where he was beaten in first round, ran well in both courses today, has good all round pace) 7/1 before coursing, 5/2 before second round. this could be a very close buckle, slight prefernce for spruce but could go either  way

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